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"Diana and Helen started off as funeral directors but the more my family dealt with them the more they became family. My son was done so gracefully and with such love and care. Now my husband has left me and I would not even dream of anybody else touching him. The rest of the staff are caring and if you want to cry they are there, if you want to laugh they are there. I hope to remain in contact with both of these ladies forever as they have touched my heart."
  Family of Joe and Scott Longoria

"I was totally happy with my brothers appearance and service.  The staff was kind, considerate and very attentive to our needs and went the distance - plus extra!"
  Family of Gary L. Hardesty

"So happy with everything.  Could not have done any better. Thank you for all your help."  
  Family of Lowell F. Shafer

"We couldn't have been more pleased, in our grief and sorrow, Roselawn met all our needs and beyond our expectations.  Very, Very professional and relieved our stress load.  We worked well and closely with Diana and Helen, Bless You!'
 Family of Pauline R. Patterson

"We feel that Roselawn went above and beyond to take care of all our needs."
  Family of Brunhilde Garman

"I can't imagine having been able to get through this with Helen's help and understanding.  I wish Roselawn had handled the services for my daughter.  God bless Helen and every at Roselawn!"
 Family of Scott Duane Smith

"It was as we wanted - "
Family of Charles A. Bowles

"Was very pleased with the extra mile that was given!  Especially by Diana and Angela.  Thank you immensley."
  Family of Donna L. Raetz

"Just got to tell you that Roselawn has been a blessing.  The entire staff is so wonderful and sweet.  My brother and I want to thank you for all your kindness.  Most of all, we want to let you know how beautiful and efficient everything was, but we know you went beyond the "call of duty" also.  We appreciate all you did and thank you for all your tender loving care.  God's blessing."
  Family of Donna L. Raetz

"From the beginning to the end, the entire staff were professional,compassional, and respectful."
 Family of Harold L. Cooley, Jr.

"Diana, I want to thank you so much for all your help for my mom.  You really know your stuff!
With love from all of us."
  Family of Jo V. Myers

"You couldn't have been better if God himself has been there!  A true lifesaver for grieving families.  My mom would have been smiling.  My sister and I are in awe of each and every one of you.  You are a part of "Family" now!
  Family of Jo V. Myers

"From the beginning to the end, every detail was covered.  Helen was very professional, but also sensitive to our sadness.  She was always there, but could fade into the background in a minute.  Thank you for helping us through such a difficult time.  I will never forget you."    
  Family of Nona M. Malone      

"Helen was a great and kind person during this process."
  Family of Patricia "Patty" J. Dayen     

"The respectful care our family received at Roselawn, made the entire experience far different than it could have been.  Every detail and arrangement was attended to, and through every step the support we received from Helen and Diane was much appreciated…especially coming from out of town as we did.  We did not expect to leave Salina feeling like we made friends there during such an emotional and stressful time, but that is exactly what we came away with.  If you're wondering how to get through this phase of life while dealing with the death of a loved one, this is where you need to come.  Thank you for your professionalism and thoughtfulness." 
  Family of Mary "Marie M. Blaha