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Rules and Regulations.

The Board of Trustees of Roselawn Memorial Park and Williamsburg Mausoleum have the authority and responsibility for the endorsement of suitable and proper rules and regulations for the operation and betterment of the Cemetery and Mausoleum, including the establishment of various prices, fees and costs associated with the sale of Cemetery lots, maintenance and guidelines for the Cemetery and Mausoleum. The Governing Body may adopt a schedule of fees for interments and other services and privileges provided to owners, and may make such orders and take such actions as are necessary to implement these regulations.

General Duties.

The Governing Body shall serve as an advisory board to the cemetery have adopted the following:

A. The bylaws, rules and regulations and governing of the cemeteries and mausoleum;

B. The prices for cemetery lots and mausoleum crypts;

C. Charges of cemetery services including the interment and disinterment of the dead;

D. The adornment of graves and the use of cemetery grounds;

E. The planning, uses and decorations of the grounds of the cemetery;

F. Improvements of changes in the cemetery grounds.

Rules and Regulations

The 2014 Edition of the Rules and Regulations for Roselawn Memorial Park and Williamsburg Mausoleum were approved and adopted by the Governing Body; by the owners and managers, Robert F. Frobenius, II and Diana F. Frobenius, respectfully.



The rules herein established are designed for the common and mutual protection of lot owners.   Enforcement of these rules and regulations will help protect the Cemetery and Mausoleum, and to create and preserve their beauty;

To provide and maintain sacred ground for the burial of dead human beings;

Rules and regulations will cover the Roselawn Memorial Park and the Williamsburg Mausoleum and any future development.

The records showing lot owners, grave owners and interments in Roselawn Memorial Park and Williamsburg Mausoleum shall be kept in duplicate to guard against the possible destruction of one set.

The location of all graves shall be shown by plats and by a system of recorded measurements from fixed and indestructible landmarks.

Hours of Cemetery.
The Cemetery office is open from 9:00-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.   Saturday appoints or by arrangements are scheduled through appointments only. 

What Perpetual Care Includes.
A. The term "Perpetual Care" shall mean the cutting of the grass upon the lot or grave at reasonable intervals; the raking or cleaning of the lot or grave; the pruning of the shrubs or trees; and such work as may be necessary to keep the lot, crypt, or grave in good neat condition; meaning and intending to continue forever this work.

B. In addition to this, the Cemetery binds itself to keep in repair and maintain in good condition the enclosures, buildings, drives, walks, and borders in the Cemetery, and to reset monuments in case of sinking. 

C. The Cemetery does not, however, bind itself to maintain, repair or replace any grave marker or monumental structures erected upon the lot or the graves therein; plant flowers or ornamental plants, or do special or unusual work.



Vandalizing of Graves.

Cemetery Clerk to Keep Records - Clerk's Duties.

Sale of Cemetery Lots and Mausoleum Crypts.

Appropriation of Funds.


Vandalism of Graves.
It is unlawful for any person, without authority of the relatives of the deceased or the person in charge of the Cemetery or mausoleum, to willfully remove or destroy any monuments or decorations on the premises of the Cemetery or burial ground of the Cemetery - Or - in any way vandalize or disturb the improvements placed on the burial lot where the grave is located.

Memorial Park Clerk to Keep Records - Clerk's Responsibilities.
The Cemetery Clerk shall have the custody of all records of the cemetery pertaining to the management and control of the cemetery;

The Governing Body may, from time to time, designate additional records for which the secretary may be responsible.
Sale of Cemetery Lots and Mausoleum Crypt.
The Governing Body, and the Cemetery Clerk shall be charged with the sale of Cemetery lots and mausoleum crypts. All deeds for Cemetery lots and Mausoleum crypts shall be executed by the Governing Body, and attested by the Cemetery Clerk who shall record the same in her office.

All lot (s) and single graves in the Cemetery and Mausoleum shall be sold with Perpetual Care without additional charge.  There will be an additional charge for those holding Burial Right or 2nd Right of Interment.

Such deeds shall recite, among other things, that the lot or crypt is conveyed for the sole purpose of burying dead human bodies.
Appropriation of Funds.
Union Cemetery Association, Inc. is a "Perpetual Care" Cemetery.  All money that is designated for the cemetery is used for the Cemetery management purposes:

The principle is set aside for investment and the interest is used to provide general care.  The "Care Trust Fund" is to be used for that care, maintenance and development necessitated by natural grown and ordinary wear, and the management and the care of cutting of lawns, cleaning and maintenance of roadways, walks and buildings, provided there is sufficient income funds for these purposes.

A portion of the funds received from the sale of Cemetery lot, Mausoleum crypts, niches, and 2nd right of interment is hereby appropriated to the endowment fund as follows:

Cemetery lots. (15%) Fifteen percent of the price received for the sale of each Cemetery lot, or portion thereof;

Mausoleum crypts. (15%) Fifteen percent of the price received for the sale of each crypt.

2nd Right of Interment.  ($25.00) Twenty-Five Dollars of the price received for the sale of each niche.

1. The different sections of the ground are so subdivided that lots of all sizes and shapes may be obtained. All prices are fixed by the Governing Body and they will not be varied from;

2. Conveyance of all lots shall be made by a Certificate signed by the Governing Body, and attested by the Cemetery Clerk, with the seal of the Cemetery affixed and no such conveyance shall be made until the purchase price is paid in full to the Cemetery Clerk;

3. Lots in Roselawn Memorial Park are conveyed by a Deed for burial purposes only. They are exempt from taxation and cannot be seized for debts, neither can they be mortgaged. Lots or fractional lots as sold, will not be divided;

4. No sale, transfer or assignment of any lot, or part of lot, shall be valid without the consent of the Governing Body, and Cemetery Clerk endorsement on the conveyance;

5. No lot owner has the right to transfer his /her lot(s). Such transfers are mere privileges extended in special cases by the Cemetery after careful investigation and the determination by the officers that such transfers are proper to be made;

6. To avoid crowding of markers and consequent unsightly appearance of the grounds, the size of the markers on all lots is restricted to be in proper proportion with the lots. Lot owners should bear these facts in mind when purchasing markers;

7. The Cemetery reserves the right to do all work upon lots with its own workers;

8. The Cemetery is not responsible for any of the other activities associated with a burial;

9. All graveside and/or burial services in the Cemetery shall occur within regular hours, beginning after 1:00pm on Monday afternoon, and after 10:00am Tuesday through 3:00pm on Friday.   Be aware there is an "after 3:00 arrival charge" for the funeral procession to arrive after 3:00pm. From Monday afternoon Friday, the funeral cortege must arrive at the cemetery between the hours of 12:00pm through 3:00pm on Monday, and on Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am through 3:00pm daily.

Hours and Cleanliness.
Provisions relating to rules of Cemetery hours, cleanliness shall be as follows:

1. The hours of admission to the Cemetery shall be from 7:00am until sundown, and any person entering the grounds at any other time, except for a legitimate purpose, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; trespassing;

2. No interments shall be made in the Cemetery or Mausoleum on Sundays or holidays, nor shall any cemetery burial service commence after 3:00pm, unless special arrangements are made.

The Governing Body Shall Have the Right to.
1. The Governing Body reserves the right to revise and/or add sections to the Cemetery from time to time, including the right to modify or change the location of or any part thereof, or remove or degrade roads, drives, and walks. The right to lay, maintain, and operate, or alter or change pipe lines or gutter for water sprinkling systems and drainage, is also expressly reserved, as is the right to use Cemetery property not sold to individual owners for Cemetery purposes, including the interring and preparation for interment, or for anything necessary, incidental or  convenient thereto. The Cemetery reserves unto itself and to those lawfully entitled thereto, a perpetual right of ingress and egress over spaces for the purpose of passage to and from other spaces;

2. Reserves the right at any time to change, amend, alter, repeal, rescind, or add to these rules and regulations, or to adopt any new rule or regulation or any temporary exception with respect to said Cemetery. It shall be the responsibility of all owners and successors thereto to inform themselves of any such amendments, and to comply with them;

3. Close any walkway, street or driveway existing in the Cemetery, provided, sufficient access is left to all lots;

4. Make any additional rules and regulations for the government and operation of the Cemetery that are not inconsistent with this article;

5. The Cemetery reserves the right to correct errors made in connection with interments or the conveyance of property. In the event an error shall involve interment of remains, the Cemetery reserves the right to remove and reinter the remains in Cemetery property of equal or greater value;

6. In all matters not specifically covered by these rules and regulations, the Governing Body reserves the right to do anything which in its sole judgment is deemed reasonable pertaining to the use, maintenance, operation, or ownership of the Cemetery, and such determination shall be binding upon the space owner and all parties concerned without the delivery of notice thereto;

7. The Management shall not be liable for the theft of any property occurring within the Cemetery except for that arising from its own willful misconduct or gross negligence.    
Fees and Charges.
Provisions relating to fees, charges and inspections shall be as follows:

1. The prices of Cemetery lots and Mausoleum crypts, and other charges connected therewith, shall be determined by the Governing Body;

2. In cases where sums are deposited with the trustee for the care of lots, it shall be the duty of the Vice President to notify the trustee of such deposits, and the trustee shall keep an accurate account of all work done on the lots and who shall place the report on file;

3. A schedule of fees and charges for the sale of Mausoleum crypts, lots or grave spaces in the Cemetery, the opening and closing of graves and the performance of other services in the Cemetery by Cemetery staff, and the preparation of certain instruments in connection with the sale and management of grave spaces shall be fixed from time to time by resolution of the Governing Body and a copy thereof kept permanently on file in the cemetery office for distribution to all interested persons. 

Sale of Lots, and Issuance of Deeds.
Provisions relating to the sale of Cemetery lots and crypts, and the issuance of deeds shall be as follows:

1. If the purchaser fails to carry out the terms of their purchase agreement, the Management shall have the right to declare said agreement void and all rights of the purchaser in and to the plot forfeit. The Management shall have the right to resume possession of the plot or the unused part thereof;

2. Before an internment of any human body shall be permitted in the Cemetery or Mausoleum, it shall be the responsibility of the undertaker or funeral director to furnish a death certificate or burial permit issued by another city or state. It shall also be the undertaker's or funeral director's responsibility to ensure that the charge for the grave, vault or crypt opening and closing, as well as the price of the grave space in case of a single space for adults and infants, is paid to the office prior to interment or inurnment;

3. All certificates or deeds for Cemetery lots or crypts shall be signed by the Governing Body under the seal of the Cemetery and the clerk shall keep a record of each and every lot, or part thereof, sold. No deed or certificate shall be delivered until the purchase price is paid in full;

4. A Cemetery grave space may be exchanged for another available space provided the owner requesting the exchange pays the difference between the amount of the original purchase price of the space being exchanged and the current price of the new space to be acquired. This is in addition to any other costs or fees established by the cemetery to exchange spaces;

5. If a lot(s) is being transferred to another family member and/or an individual, the records clerk will charge a $75.00 "Transfer Fee" to either the seller and/or buyer of the lot(s) This fee covers the recording of the original voided deed, the issuance of a new deed to the new owner(s) and the final recording of the new owner;

6. In the case of a transfer deed; the original deed must be submitted to the Record's Clerk to be voided; to ensure the interiority of the newly issued deed;

7. The name or inscription on each memorial must correspond with the information contained in the records of the Management, and no changes shall be made thereon except upon written request of the proper parties and by permission of the Management;

8. It shall be the duty of the plot holder to notify the Management of any change in his/her mailing address. Notice sent to a plot holder at the last address in the Management's record shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notification;

9. The spouse of a plot holder has a vested burial privilege in the space superior to any other person, even if the marriage occurred after the burial privilege was acquired and the Deed makes no reference to the spouse. No transfer or other action of the plot holder, without the written consent of the spouse of the plot holder, deprives the unnamed spouse of a vested burial privilege;

10. In the case of a divorce, the vested burial privilege of the spouse who is not identified in the Deed is terminated. A new Deed will be issued which reflects the terms of the divorce decree and property settlement.

11. Should an owner of burial rights decide in the future to sell their lot(s), the Cemetery does not purchase or buy back their spaces. The Office Clerk can assist the purchaser in selling their lot(s).

Provisions relating to the use of Cemetery lots and regulations regarding interments shall be as follows:
1. All lots shall be held as burial places for the dead and no other purpose, and when sold, shall include perpetual care. For the purpose of this subsection, the term "perpetual care" means seeding lots to grass and caring for the grass;

2. No interment of any body, other than a human body, shall be permitted in the Cemetery.  A maximum of two interments (two traditional burial and/or two cremated cremains will be allowed in the a burial space;

3. Graves for adults shall be not less than five feet in depth and not less than four feet in depth for children; however, variations may be permitted in the case of an individual mausoleum;

4. All interments shall be made by the Office Clerk and no burial shall be made until the laws of the State governing burials have been fully complied with;

5. Orders for interment must be received at least (48) hours prior to an interment, and the following information must be furnished: Name, age, sex, and places of birth and death of the deceased; Lot, section and space number; Name of owner of interment space; Name of funeral director; exact size of burial container or casket; Date of interment and time of arrival at Cemetery; and Name and address of the next of kin. The Management shall have the right to impose an extra charge on interment orders received with less than the minimum notice described above or for funerals arriving after 3:00pm;

6. The owner of any lot shall not allow interments to be made in or upon his/her lot for compensation, nor shall any transfer or assignment of any interest be valid without securing the registration and endorsement in writing on the back thereof by the Cemetery Clerk, who shall keep a record of such transfer and shall, by stamp or otherwise, indicate such record of transfer on cemetery records and on the deed;

7. Installation of individual or family size mausoleums of any type construction or materials shall not be permitted; except by written permission by management.

8. All interments and inurnments in the Cemetery must be put into a permanent type of vault. It must be of steel, concrete, copper, polyguard or cultured marble to prevent future settling of the grave, except Babyland which can use plastic materials.  The use of wooden boxes is prohibited;

9. No interment, disinterment, cremation or services shall be scheduled to begin later than 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, or later than 11:00 am on Saturday; extra fees will apply. A late service fee and a Saturday service fee will be pursuant to a schedule of fees established by resolution of the Governing Body.  Notification of any Saturday service shall be made not later than the preceding Thursday at 12:00 pm;

10. All disinterment shall follow the same scheduling guidelines as interment services, but shall not occur on Saturdays;

11. Where a lot is owned by a church, a lodge, or other society, interments shall be limited to the actual members of the organization and their husbands and wives. In exceptional cases the burial of the remains of a person outside the immediate family of the lot owner may be permitted;

12. The Cemetery reserves the right to dig all graves by workers in its employ and to do all filling, reseeding, or other work upon lots or single graves;

13. When a new grave is opened within less than a foot of a previous interment, it is impossible to protect the older grave from damage and from subsequent settling. The Cemetery disclaims responsibility for such damage;

14. No interment, disinterment, cremation or services shall be permitted on Sunday.  No disinterment will be allowed without permission of the Cemetery;

15. Scattering of cremated cremains or ashes is not permitted anywhere within the Cemetery;

16. Cremated cremains must be buried in the ground or interred in the Mausoleum;

17. The Management shall have the exclusive right to schedule the time and date when interments or disinterment may be conducted;

18. Subject to the provisions of the Cemetery's Rules and Regulations, burial privileges are transferable. Upon the receipt of written instructions from the current plot holder or a legal representative, the Management shall transfer the burial privileges to the person(s) designated in the authorization and issue a new Deed. However, to the extent that it is practicable, the records of as-yet-unused plots shall always include the names of preceding plot(s) holders to facilitate accurate record-keeping in Roselawn Memorial Park and Williamsburg Mausoleum;

19. Management may refuse to open a grave or permit the placement of a memorial when just debts are not paid (e.g. unpaid balance on a plot, annual plot care, or perpetual care) or when there is a question of ownership of the plot;

20. The Cemetery will be in complete charge in all funerals after they enter the cemetery.

Conduct of visitors.
A.  The following are the provisions for the conduct of persons who may enter the Cemetery, provided, that no provisions herein contained shall be constructed to limit or lessen the powers conferred upon the Governing Body as to matters not contained in these provisions:

1. All persons are hereby prohibited from touching any article in the Cemetery that is not their own, or picking any flowers, shrubbery, plants or other vegetation, or injuring anything on the cemetery grounds; 

2. No one other than Cemetery personnel shall be allowed to spray any chemical agent including fertilizer, weed killers, herbicides, and ground sterilants;

3. All vehicles must be kept off the grass. No unauthorized vehicle shall be permitted to drive at any place within the Cemetery except on roads.  Driving on walkways, grass, or in vacant spaces is prohibited; notwithstanding the above, vehicles may be parked on the grass within 6 feet of either side of the road;

4. It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, or cause to be thrown, any paper, grass, rubbish or other material in or upon the Cemetery grounds, except in any places specifically provided for such purpose; 

5. No vehicle shall be driven more than 15 miles per hour in the cemetery;

6. Visitors to the Cemetery shall use only the designated avenues, walkways, and roads, unless it becomes necessary to walk across other spaces or graves to gain access to a space or grave;

7. Automobiles, trucks, or other vehicles shall not be driven through the Cemetery grounds at a speed greater than fifteen (15) miles per hour.  Unauthorized vehicles may not be driven or parked off the designated roadways or parking areas;

8. The use of intoxicating beverages within the Cemetery is strictly forbidden; 

9. No person will be permitted to use profane or boisterous language or in any way disturb the quiet and good order of the Cemetery;

10. No object or article other than an approved memorial or other reasonable decoration will be permitted to remain on any grave, walkway, or street. These type objects include, but are not limited to, lawn or garden statues; metal, wooden, or plastic crosses; figurines; shepherd's hooks; or other articles;

11. The Supervisor has the authority, and reserves the right, to enter upon any space and to remove any objectionable item that may have been placed there against regulations;

12. The Cemetery shall not be responsible for any objects, mementos, or other memorabilia placed on, near, or affixed to a memorial or grave space. Any such item so placed or affixed, and not of a permanent nature, shall be subject to removal by Cemetery Personnel in the interest of uniform and safe maintenance of the Cemetery. The Supervisor or Cemetery Personnel may remove anything placed on a grave space in violation of the regulations;

13. All persons are strictly forbidden to break or injure any tree or shrub, mar any landmark, marker, or memorial, or in any way deface the grounds of the Cemetery;

14. Except as authorized by law, no person shall be permitted to bring or carry firearms within the Cemetery;

15. No signs other than those installed by Cemetery staff or at their direction will be permitted on the Cemetery grounds;

16. The Cemetery is not responsible for theft of, or damage to, any memorial or other personal property;

17. The construction, installation, placement of any wooden, concrete, or cast iron bench, chair, or table, or further any wooden or wire trellis, shall not be permitted on the Cemetery grounds;

18. The construction of additional mounds or flowerbeds over graves shall not be permitted;

19. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove holders such as clay or plastic pots, wire, frames, and the like, containing flowers or other decorations as soon as the flowers fade or whither. The placement of glass objects on or near grave spaces is strictly prohibited;

20. Placement of potted plants, cut flowers, or baskets is permitted adjacent to the headstone only. To improve the appearance and to aid in maintenance of the Cemetery grounds, all potted plants, cut flowers, and baskets may be removed at the discretion of the Supervisor;

21. Funeral designs or floral pieces will be removed from graves when they become wilted or unsightly. Persons desiring to retain same must remove them within seventy-two (72) hours of original placement. The digging of holes for placement of plants or flowers is strictly prohibited;

22. For flush type memorials, plants and cut flowers shall be placed only in vases designed for flush type memorials;

23. Except as expressly provided for herein, the planting of ivy, flowers, shrubs, bushes, or other plants is prohibited;

24. If any trees or shrubs situated on any space shall become detrimental, unsightly, or impede access to adjacent spaces, walks, or roads, they may be pruned or removed in whole as determined necessary by the Supervisor;

25. Personnel employed by the Cemetery are not permitted to solicit or accept any money or other compensation from any person or persons for maintenance or services performed within the Cemetery. All inquiries or complaints shall be made at the Cemetery Office;

26. Littering or discarding rubbish or debris of any kind is prohibited;

27. The grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead, and the provisions and penalties of the law will be strictly enforced in all cases;

2B. Any person found to be in violation of any of the above provisions, or of any cemetery rule or regulation, shall be subject to prosecution to the maximum extent allowable under all applicable laws, regulations, rules and ordinances;

C. The provisions of this section shall not be applicable to any cemetery employee, any member of military or veterans organizations may be permitted, subject to the approval of the superintendent of cemeteries, to carry firearms onto the cemetery grounds when such firearms are to be used in connection with certain ceremonies to be conducted with cemetery limits.

1. Any person having the care, custody or control of a dog, other than a blind person accompanied by his Seeing-eye dog, shall not take or permit such dog to go onto the grounds of the cemetery without the use of a collar and leash, under the owners strict control. This section shall not apply to:

2. A dog confined to an automobile while in the cemetery;

3. Guide dogs used by totally or partially blind persons or other disabled persons and guide dog trainers when training such dogs, and hearing ear dogs used by hearing impaired persons and hearing ear trainers when training such dogs;

4. Service dogs and service dog trainers while training such dogs;

5. Any dog waste must be immediately pick-up! Please respect the park and those buried here.

Memorial Monuments and Markers.
Regulations regarding Memorial Monuments and Markers on lots in the cemetery, described shall be as follows:
The term "grave monument" shall mean a stone intended to indicate the location of a particular grave; sometimes these are called headstones or footstones.

A. Permits.
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to place or set any grave marker or the foundation therefore without first having the same approved by the Governing Body and/or the Cemetery Clerk as to complying with all rules and regulations herein specified.

B. Working Hours for Cemetery.
Employees are from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

C. Materials.
No material except standard flat granite or flat bronze shall be used for any markers installed in the Cemetery, unless the lot owner has granite privileges, or the lot(s) were purchased prior to January 1, 1952.

Installation of Markers.
1. The foundation shall be constructed of concrete or granite. The top of the foundation shall be finished smoothly with a trowel. If any other materials are used it must first have the approval of the Governing Body and/or Cemetery Supervisor;

2. All monuments shall be set in the center of the foundation;

3. Owner acknowledges that incidental damage may occur to memorials placed in the Cemetery, either by Cemetery personnel incidentally in the maintenance, upkeep, or operation of the Cemetery, or as a result of vandalism or other damage caused by visitors, including vendors, to the Cemetery.   Cemetery personnel shall exercise reasonable care to prevent damage to memorials, but nothing herein shall be deemed an acceptance of responsibility or liability on the part of the Cemetery for damage done to memorials, either by Cemetery personnel or otherwise;

4. The term "Care" as it relates to individual plots refers to general maintenance necessitated by natural growth and ordinary wear. The term "Care" shall in no case mean the maintenance, repair or replacement of any memorial; nor the planting of flowers or ornamental plants; nor the doing of any special or unusual work in the Cemetery including work caused by impoverishment of the soil or disruption of water supply or facilities; nor does it mean the reconstruction of any marker or memorial, or concrete work on any section or plot, or any portion thereof.  The Cemetery is not responsible for the replacement of temporary grave marker;

5. All Memorial marker designs must be approved by the Governing Body and/or Park Supervisor prior to being set;

6. Orders for foundations for Memorial Day must be submitted by the first day of May;

7. All marker installations must be completed during the normal work hours listed above;

8. Before any memorial work is commenced in Cemetery by any employee or employees of a private business or contractor, a monument setting form must be filled out.   A 48-hour notice must be given prior to setting any marker or monument, and locating fee paid.

9. Memorial work shall be conducted only during those hours when Cemetery personnel are on duty.  No memorial work will be permitted while a funeral service is in progress;

10. All worksites shall be properly cleaned upon completion of setting monument;

11. No marker will be placed on the lot unless the lot and/or funeral service is paid in full;

12. No loose concrete will be left on the ground, scrap lumber, and dirt piles will be removed, tracks filled in etc.;

13. Only (1) one marker shall be permitted on one grave space;

14. All monuments and markers, placed on lots purchased after January 1, 1952, shall be flat bronze only;

15. All foundations or bases are to be poured or precast and set in sand by the Cemetery staff and/or monument dealer, and work shall be executed without unnecessary delay, under the supervision of the Cemetery personnel, who shall charge a layout fee of $35.00 as set by resolution of the Governing Body. The layout fee shall also apply to individual mausoleums with inscriptions;

16. All markers must be attached to concrete with pins and sealed to the foundation;

17. All monuments or markers in the Cemetery shall be subject to inspection and approved by the Cemetery personnel, and any work which does not meet his approval shall be rejected and caused to be rebuilt;

18. Extension to an existing concrete base for the purpose of providing holders for flower vases must be pre-approved by the Cemetery personnel;

19. The boundaries of any lot in the cemetery only shall be marked by a concrete corner stones.   All pre-existing corner or lot posts that deteriorate will be replaced as necessary;

20. Temporary markers that are provided by funeral homes will be allowed for (1) one year from the date of interment, at which time the Cemetery personnel will remove and discard the markers;

21. All independent contractors, their agents, and employees performing work in the Cemetery are required to dress in presentable working attire which consists of shirt, pants or shorts, and shoes all free of significant wear;

22. In order to insure the setting of monuments and markers in a workmanlike manner and in keeping with good appearance of the Cemetery as a whole, the Governing Body may adopt additional policies consistent with law deemed workmanship, will be lacking in durability or soon become unsightly, shall not be installed;

23. Each lot owner shall keep in good repair all stone or monumental work upon his or her lot. In case of failure to do so; the Cemetery may either repair or remove the same at the lot owner's expense;

24. The general care and maintenance of the Cemetery grounds and buildings, including landscaping, grass-cutting, gardening, planting, and embellishment of the property, is the responsibility of the Management and shall be performed exclusively at the direction of Management.   General care, however, does not include any special care of individual plots.

Government Markers.
1. Only (1) one Government Marker is allowed on each Veterans' grave;

2. The cemetery is not responsible for any damage to markers.

3. All setting and care fees must be paid in full prior to setting of GI marker.

Planting and Decorations.
1. The Cemetery does not assume liability for any items placed on graves. The Cemetery and the Governing Body shall not be held liable for any disposed item or return of any temporary or permanent decorations or trees that were installed without written approval.  Any items removed will not be replaced and removed without notice;

2. Flowers and other items placed on a grave on Memorial Day, holidays and special family dates will be removed and discarded by the Cemetery personnel one week later, and on March 1st; for flowers and other items placed on a grave on Christmas Day and New Year's Day;

3. All decorations will be removed (10) ten days after the specific holiday or as soon as they become faded or unsightly whichever comes first;

. The cemetery will not be responsible for any flowers, decorations, holders or other devices or receptacles placed at grave;

5. No interment, disinterment, cremation or services shall be permitted on Sunday;

6. The owner of any lot do not have the right to cultivate any such shrubbery, flowers or other vegetation as it not approved by the cemeteries Governing Body;

7. Any items left at the gravesite must be placed on the monument base or it will be removed; 

8. In closures and curbing around burial lots and grave guards are prohibited, including wire and other types of guards or enclosures placed around shrubbery and flowers. Fences and hedges around lots or graves are also prohibited;

9. Placement of cut flowers or artificial flowers, excavations for planting of seasonal flowers, perennial flowers, or shrubs, with the prior approval of Cemetery staff, shall be confined to the area within the vase accompanying the marker.  If decorations do not fit inside the vase, then the decorations are not allowed, and will be removed by the Cemetery staff;

10. Flowers and other items placed on a grave during a funeral will be removed and discarded by the Cemetery personnel one week after the funeral;

11. The concrete foundation around the marker on the west and east side of the marker is a mowing flange and should not be used for decoration purposes.  All items left on the mowing flange will be removed and disposed of. No allowance will be made for items drilled into concrete flange;

12. No signs other than those installed by Cemetery personnel or at their direction will be permitted on Cemetery property;

13. All items that interfere or make mowing or string trimming dangerous will be removed, and discarded at the discretion of the Cemetery personnel.  Such items not allowed include but are not limited to:

A. The placing of boxes, shells (ammunition), toys, metal design, and ornaments);

B. Glass, wood, or iron cases and similar;

C. Marble chips, wood chips, rock of any kind on any grave or lot;

D. Objects made of wood, tin, glass, porcelain and clay;

E. Any borders of any kind, including wood, stone, rock, brick, and fences;

F. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage containers meant as decorations;

G. No shepherd hooks will be allowed without prior approval.  No approval shall be given for more than one shepherd hook per occupied space; 

. Banners or balloons made of any material will only be allowed for (1) one week for holidays and special family dates; 

I. Placement of (2) two solar lights per marker is permissible.  They may be placed on the north or south ends of markers as close to the concrete foundation as possible. The Cemetery accepts no liability for maintenance or damage to said lights;

J. Artificial flowers, wreaths and cut flowers shall be placed and secured in a manner that they will not become dislodged or scattered by the wind. No holes may be dug in or around a grave to support flower vases or any other placement structures;

K. Damaged or faded artificial flowers or wreaths, and neglected or dead flowers and plants may be removed by the Cemetery personnel, as necessary to maintain the attractive and neat appearance of the cemetery;

L. No concrete pots, vases or concrete statuary of any kind are allowed;

M. Individuals may purchase a memorial bench and tree, meeting specifications determined by the Governing Body, to be placed in predetermined public locations in the Cemetery with prices determined from time to time by resolution of the Governing Body;

N. If anything is placed on or in any lot or grave which shall be deemed offensive, improper, or injurious, or which violates any rule, it will be removed without notice, wooden, iron, or other crosses, tablets, metal wreaths, baskets, boxes, shepherd's hooks, solar lights, alcohol, tobacco or miscellaneous objects shall not be left upon graves or lots. The Cemetery will not be responsible for loss or damage to any portable articles left upon any lot, grave, or other part of the Cemetery;

O. No children are allowed in the park without a parent.  No fishing is allowed in the pond without prior management permission  A parent must be present at all times!  The pond is deep and drowning can occur!

P. Unless otherwise specified in the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery, no child under the age of fourteen (14) years is permitted in the Cemetery unless accompanied by an adult.

Disinterment Procedures.
1. The transfer of human remains from the Cemetery and disinterment generally will be permitted only for the most serious reasons;

2. No disinterment will be permitted without the proper state and local permits and the consent of the Management.  Furthermore, the Management may, in its sole and absolute discretion, require an order of Court or the consent of any person it deems advisable;

3. All disinterment shall be made under the supervision of the Management. Therefore, the Management shall have the right to designate the day, hour and manner in which disinterment are performed;

4. Any and all charges, including unpaid balances pertaining to the plot or its perpetual care, shall be paid in full before a disinterment shall be permitted;

5. The casket may not be opened within the Cemetery without a court order or, in the alternative, without the written permission (and in the presence) of the Management and the written consent of the legal representative of the deceased.



  WHEREAS, the Governing Body of the Roselawn Memorial Park of Salina, Kansas owns, operates and maintains a mausoleum, and WHEREAS, the Governing Body shall, from time to time adopt reasonable regulations for the operation and maintenance of the mausoleum, and

WHEREAS, the Governing Body of Williamsburg Mausoleum believes that it would be in its best interest of the public to adopt these regulations.




The following rules shall apply to the Williamsburg Mausoleum:
1.  All entombments or inurnments in the mausoleum must be performed by regular employees of the Cemetery. All bodies to be entombed in the mausoleum must be embalmed;

2. The Cemetery will provide all inscriptions, lettering or crypt plates on the crypt or niche fronts to ensure uniformity. The sole information on the bronze memorial nameplate shall be the name of the entombed and their birth year and death year. Either a floral tribute area or vase will be prepared for each crypt; 

3. The Cemetery reserves the right to limit floral tributes. Only one floral tribute per crypt or niche is allowed to be placed on the tables or other holders provided;

4. The Cemetery reserves the right to limit to remove all flowers, wreaths or other decorations from the mausoleum as soon as they become unsightly. The mausoleum will be clears of decorations once a year.  The annual cleanup will begin March 1st. In order for a family to save any decorations placed in the mausoleum, the should be removed prior to this date;

5. Visiting hours are as posted in the Cemetery. Any person found in the mausoleum after closing without permission will be considered trespassing;

6. All niche spaces in the mausoleum are intended for an individual inurnment. A container of suitable material is request;

7. No decorative objects or photos a\may be affixed to the crypt fronts by tape or other means.  No toys, glass containers, ceramic containers or like objects shall be permitted in the mausoleum. All such unauthorized items will be removed by the Cemetery without notice;

8. No climbing or stepping on any marble in the mausoleum; 

9. No ladders are to be used or brought into the mausoleum; the only ladders used will be by cemetery personnel;

10. Only approved vases/vase holders will be allowed in the Mausoleum. Installation of vases/vase holders will be performed by Cemetery personnel and/or an approved vendor. All approved vases shall be flush mounted and shall be attached with the approved epoxy resin. No holes shall be drilled in any marble crossbars or crypt covers;

11. All items placed in any permanent vases above level two in the Mausoleum will be done by Cemetery personnel only;

12. Nothing will be allowed on the marble ledges, granite ledges, or on the floor.  The only exception is items may be placed on the floor within one week of a funeral or one week before and one week after Memorial Day;

13. No glass containers will be allowed anywhere in the mausoleum;

14. All name plaques will be affixed by Cemetery personnel or approved vendor according to procedures given by Cemetery staff;

15. No live flowers will be allowed in the Mausoleum except for placement by the crypt within one (1) week of a funeral or one (1) week before and one (1) week after Memorial Day;

16. The Mausoleum shall have no liability for any vase, vase holder or other personal property left in the Mausoleum;

17. In no case shall human remains be entombed in a mausoleum crypt unless an odor retardant and disinfectant agent, in forms and quantities acceptable to the Cemetery Supervisor, have been properly placed inside the container that is to be entombed. The cost of said container and deodorizing/disinfecting agent shall be the sole responsibility of the person arranging for the entombment;

18. Entombment of cremated remains in mausoleum niche space shall be allowed only in approved, sealed containers that resist the leakage or escape of said cremated remains;

19. All remains entombed in mausoleums shall be in a casket or alternative container conforming to the standards as prescribed by the Cemetery. The Cemetery may in its discretion require that mausoleum entombments be in a casket or alternative container approved by the Cemetery, that is constructed and designed to be resistant to the leakage of fluids and odors, and which shall allow for proper ventilation. Each single crypt space shall entomb the remains of one (1) human only.   Based on available inventory, customers may purchase Companion (double) spaces for the entombment of the remains of two (2) humans;

20. To ensure consistency and uniformity of appearance, except where otherwise expressly authorized by the Cemetery, any lettering or crypt plaques to be affixed to any crypt or niche must be of bronze material, and all fittings, adornments, urns, inscriptions, and name plates for crypts or niches are subject to approval by the Cemetery Supervisor. Memorial nameplates must be bronze to match the style selected for the Mausoleum. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any crypt or niche adornment that in the sole discretion of the Cemetery detracts from the dignity and appearance of the mausoleum, or that is otherwise offensive in nature.

Covers the continual leveling of Memorial or resetting on new concrete foundation.

  ** Care does not cover damage to Memorial caused by theft or refinishing of Memorial.  **  

* The actual location for memorials will be determined by Cemetery personnel, and plumb lines shall be used to assist with monument alignment;         

* A layout fee of $35.00 is charged on all Memorials to be installed to insure correct placement location where Memorial is to be set;    

* All orders from outside suppliers must fax a request for the layout (2) full working days before date of installation;         

* Layout flags will remain for (5) full working days after proposed installation date.  At that time, flags may be removed for mowing or other park activities;          

* A second layout fee will be charged, if this occurs;

* Outside suppliers must pay layout fee and setting and care charges at office before marker is installed.                   

** NOTE:  Bronze memorials are to be set on concrete foundation that is 2" larger than size of memorial on each side.       

* * Minimum concrete foundation thickness to be 4", with 2 steel rebar (minimum 1/2 inch  thickness) to be included in foundation for overall strength.               

Prices subject to change without notice.  

Every person is urged to report any errors, bad work or lack of proper care to the office at once. In the event of any errors, the management wishes to promptly rectify them.

The Cemetery will take every reasonable precaution to protect all private properties or lot(s) and grave owners' property in the Cemetery from loss or damage, but it distinctly disclaims all responsibilities for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control and especially, from acts of thieves, vandals, rioters, and malicious mischief makers; from all acts of Providence, including especially winds, tornadoes, cyclones, hail, snow, and frost; whether the damage be direct or collateral.  The Cemetery is not responsible for damage occurring from setting or resetting of stones or monuments.


On behalf of the Governing Body, Owners,
Managers and Staff of
Roselawn Memorial Park
And Williamsburg Mausoleum,

 Thank You for Your Continual Support.